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There are two demonstration activities; the first is the application of the panels onto a test façade in Naples, which will test the panels, the manufacturing process and the installation techniques and feed this information back for refinement. The second is the application of the panels to two existing buildings, one in Romania and one in the UK. This full scale demonstration will then also include the testing and validation of the BIM platform, Decision Support Software, Online Management tool and Iterative Design Methodology.


Test Façade, Naples Italy

The test facade for the installation and preliminary testing of the retrofitting panels that will be developed during the research project is located at the “Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB-CNR)” in Fuorigrotta (Napoli, Italy).

The building has a concrete frame with brick walls protected with lime-cement plaster. The structure is composed by a first floor of about 1200 m2 and a first floor of about 800 m2. A small portion of an external wall in the back of the building is therefore available for the tests.


Decebal High School in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania

Decebal High School consists of two main buildings, the old one was constructed in 1897 and is classic design, the new part building was constructed in 1970 and is a modern building in comparison.

The new part of the building will be renovated. The new school has 5 storeys above ground and 1 below ground and is a detached building. The building already has planned renovation and therefore is a prime candidate for this project.

This building will be used to demonstrate the re-cladding option of the PCM panel.


Broadgate House in Coventry, UK

Broadgate House is based in the city of Coventry in the UK. It is an office building owned by Coventry City Council.

The building was constructed in 1953 and has a concrete frame with a brick front façade and curtain walling to the rear. The structure covers 5 storeys and includes a penthouse and a basement. It has been designed for multi tenanted use with common heating system to the first floor and above.

Each tenanted area has its own electricity meter and the building has a BMS for controlling the heating systems and set points. The curtain walling starts on the 2nd floor and continues for 3 storeys.

The back of the building is available for renovation. This building will be used to demonstrate the two proposed over-cladding options, the Decision Support Tool will be used to determine the optimum configuration of the two options.