Design-Construct-Install-Operate Process


IMPRESS looks at the development of an Iterative Design Methodology (IDM) through an examination of international approaches, such as the BuildingSMART alliance, and is developing a process map for successful application of the methodology.

The process map follows an iterative process from existing knowledge base through to stakeholder engagement, team brief, design, production, construction and hand over, back to the knowledge base. This will allow for the construction industry to move away from an input based specification assessment method to a performance outcome based method.

Due to the fact that there are multiple procurement routes, the methodology will also assist in the selection and management of the route. This is done through a choice of templates at each stage as the project proceeds, which are customised to suit the individual needs of the region. Furthermore, the process map is used to store evidence and reasons for correct decision making and any outstanding risks that remain during the implementation of the methodology; this knowledge is fed back to the start of the process for improvement and enhancement.