Software Development


IMPRESS is developing a cloud based BIM database that enables interoperability between software tools currently used for project designing and modelling, with a particular emphasis on those used for renovation of buildings through prefabricated modules.

The cloud based data model looks at the transfer of data through a BIM model:

  • a point cloud data from a 3D laser scan;
  • an architectural CAD model through a software such as Revit;
  • the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing information through software such as Revit MEP;
  • the prefabricated panels through software such as Tekla;
  • and finally the energy and operational model through software such as the IES <VE>.


This platform is customised for the exchange of BIM data related to the prefabricated renovation process but is interoperable with other and future BIM software tools.

In addition, software is being developed which will provide decision support to the end user. This will allow the end user to assess the different façade options available to them and choose the best façade for their existing building which suits their individual objectives and constraints. The optimal installation will then be provided and this information will be passed to the prefabrication manufacturer and the installer.